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We offer a very unique way to offer no download poker tables and tournaments online. Customize the structure of almost every aspect of the game. Many options to set along with customizable table graphics and avatars!

How does it work?

For running ring (cash) games, we create you a dashboard that has everything you need to get started to run games. Create your player accounts and increase or decrease their account balance anytime! Only you the host of a player account can change that specific players account balance. The host is essentially the cashier / banker of their players. We do no facilitate any deposits or cash outs though. The chips are “play money”

Each player account is tied to one hosting account. Your players cannot joint other hosts games! No more having to manage spread sheets and do all the legwork of managing a game over other poker applications.

How Ring / Cash Tables Work in Poker

A ring game (also known as a cash game) is a single-table poker game where the players are free to come and go as they please. Play continues as long as there are at least two players seated. Ring games have a minimum and a maximum buy-in range of chips. The buy-in is deducted from the player's account balance when they join a table and any remaining chips in their possession is credited back to their account when they leave. Players can add to their chip stack (known as a rebuy) while sitting at the table whenever their chip stack falls below the maximum buy-in limit.

How Tournaments Work in Poker

A poker tournament is a tournament where players compete by playing poker. It can feature as few as two players playing on a single table (called a "heads-up" tournament), and as many as tens of thousands of players playing on thousands of tables. The winner of the tournament is usually the person who wins every poker chip in the game and the others are awarded places based on the time of their elimination. To facilitate this, in most tournaments, blinds rise over the duration of the tournament. Unlike in a ring game (or cash game), a player's chips in a tournament cannot be cashed out for money and serve only to determine the player's placing.

Price per Table

  • Single Session
  • Table is Online for 24 Hours
  • $5 (2x for $8)(5x for $15)

  • Weekend Pass
  • Up to 2 Tables for 72 Hours
  • $10

Monthly Table Plans

  • Basic
  • 5 Tables / Always Online
  • $10 up to $25 per month

  • Unlimited
  • Tables and Tournaments Always Online
  • $30 per month

Tournament Pricing

  • Price per Tournament
  • Password Protected
  • Up to 10 Players - $1.50
  • Up to 20 Players - $2.50
  • Up to 30 Players - $3.50
  • Up to 50 Players - $5.00
  • $10 Cashier Panel Set Up (optional)

  • Monthly Tournament Package
  • Included in Monthly Table Plans

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